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What is the True Cost of Updating a Bathroom?

January 19th, 2023 |

Whether it’s a coat of paint or a complete renovation, bathroom updates can refresh the look of your investment property. The following sections explain the cost of updating a bathroom. 


Labor is a significant factor in your bathroom update budget. About 60 to 70 percent of the total price goes to labor. That includes the general contractor, licensed electricians, plumbers, and other specialists.  

Types of Updates 

Depending on the type of work and materials, bathroom updates in Boston cost an average $6800 to $19,500. The average return on investment (ROI) is 70 percent. Here is a breakdown of costs. 

Countertops and Cabinets 

Countertops and cabinets can make a great first impression. Installing a new vanity countertop costs an average $400 to $4300. At $100 or more per square foot, luxury materials such as marble or quartz drive up the price. 

The average price of a new bathroom cabinet ranges from $560 to $1600 per unit. Cabinet installation costs an average $500 to $3600, you can pay up to $10,000 for complex customization.


A sink installation costs $215 to $625, with luxury models running into thousands of dollars. For example, you can pay $60 to $500 for a drop-in sink, while a vessel sink can have a price tag of $450 to $5,000.  

Flooring and Tile

The cost of new bathroom flooring depends on materials, existing floor removal, and the need to repair subflooring. The average price ranges from $7 to $20 per square foot. Vinyl has the lowest average price per square foot at $2 to $8, while tile costs $10 to $20 or more. High-end marble tile is the priciest at $90 per square foot.   

Fixtures and Plumbing  

Updating fixtures can be expensive because it involves plumbing work. For example, a new or relocated toilet can require changes in existing pipes. You can also pay to fix unexpected problems, such as leaky pipes or water damage. Repair costs add up quickly from $45 to $200 per hour. 

Fixtures have a wide price range. For example, a countertop-mounted faucet can cost as little as $40, while a wall-mounted faucet can cost $750 or more. High-end finishes such as bronzed gold can also increase the price by up to $100.  

The average cost of a new toilet is $375. Expect to pay more for advanced models, such as $900 for a composting toilet

A shower installation costs nearly $7,000, while a new tub can cost $4200 to $11,000. Cultured marble and other luxury materials have the highest price tags. 

Scope of Work 

The size of the bathroom itself is a significant factor in the cost of updating a bathroom. Basic upgrades cost less, while changes in layout, major repairs, or extensive plumbing work raise the price.

In a small bathroom, minor renovations and basic upgrades cost an average of $5000. Expanding a bathroom and changing the layout costs $2500 to $12500, while the price of a bathroom addition can be up to $50,000.

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