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What Is the Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Investment Property?

December 12th, 2023 |

You have some renovations in mind for your investment property. But what is the best time to remodel? Many factors go into scheduling a remodel, from weather conditions to price and contractor availability. Should you plan your project when tenants are away on vacation? Maybe you’re wondering about scheduling a new addition when the ground is frozen. Here are some tips for deciding when to remodel your property. 

Seasonal Price Changes

Finding the best time to remodel is often a matter of supply and demand. While summer is a popular time for renovations, it also an expensive season. Contractors buy lumber, hardware, and other supplies for all those remodels.  

As calendars fill up, contractors and building materials become more difficult to find and prices go up. Demand is high while the supply is low. The result is seasonally high prices for your summertime remodel. 

Contractor Availability 

Contractors are very busy during the summer months, which is a popular time for home remodeling. If you schedule a project for the summer, however, your favorite contractors may already be booked. If top contractors are busy, you’ll have to settle for a team that you’d rather not hire.  

Seasonal price increases can mean that you’ll pay a higher price for lower quality results. If you plan your remodel for the less hectic cold weather months, however, the contractors you really want will be more available at off-season prices. 

Scheduling Major Projects During Vacations

To avoid the hassle of living in a construction zone, people often schedule major renovations during their vacations. Why live with the mess and inconvenience of a remodel if you don’t have to? Summer may be a popular vacation time, but you can also schedule a project while you’re away for the winter holidays. The effects of supply and demand come into play again, making it easier to find a top contractor at a lower price in the winter. 

If you decide to remodel while you or your tenants away, make sure the project team can contact you. You’ll want to know right away if a contractor has an urgent question of if there’s an unexpected setback. 

Remodeling During Cold and Dry Weather

Besides lower prices and contractor availability, the weather itself is a good reason to remodel during fall and winter. Many tasks are easier to carry out in cool, dry conditions. For example, it’s easier to pour a concrete foundation when the ground is frozen. Fall is a great time to install wood flooring, which can swell in hot, humid weather. 

Fall and winter can be the best time to remodel a roof or attic, which can become excessively hot in the summer. Even a swimming pool or deck can be installed in the fall and winter. The project may take longer when the ground is frosty, but it will be easier to find a contractor for the job. 

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