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What Are The Top Bathroom Tile Trends for 2018?

October 24th, 2017 |

When it comes to bathroom design, tile is a timeless classic. It’s impervious to water, great looking, durable and versatile. There are seemingly endless color and design choices, from traditional black-and-white mosaics to trendy stone and metallic styles. Are you considering tiling your bathroom, and wondering what’s trending in bathroom tile for 2018? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the most popular trends in tile for the coming year.

Colorful Tile

Who doesn’t love color? Create a tiled bathroom that envelopes you in your favorite color or confine it to the floor or the shower.

Espresso Tile

Tones of coffee-colored browns in satin or matte finishes will be big. As you can see, the deep brown color is very rich-looking, and contrasts beautifully with white bathroom fixtures.

Patterned Tile

In a nod to artisans and craftsmen, patterned tile is seeing a resurgence, waking up bathroom floors everywhere!

Vertical Tile

Changing the direction tile is laid changes the whole look of the tile itself. Lay tile verticallyand mix things up by staggering it for an unexpected look.

Long, Narrow Subway Tile

Try this sleek alternative to traditional subway tile for a look that’s a bit atypical, but still gorgeous!

Fish Scale Tile and Geometric Shapes

Unexpected shapes will make an appearance in stylish bathrooms in the coming year, including fish scales, hexagons (aka “honeycomb”), and semi-circles.

3-Dimensional Tile

Want to bring your bathroom tile from ordinary to extraordinary? Consider 3-D tile for instant “WOW” factor appeal!

Mediterranean Inspired Tile

Tiles from Morocco, Spain and Portugal inspire these updated versions. Some have metallic finishes, while others play with different tones or colors. They definitely add tons of personality without being too flashy. They typically work best as accents inlaid with more traditional tile or as interesting back splashes.

Are you in the Boston area and looking to do a bathroom remodel? See how the latest tile trends can work in your space!

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