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The Top 5 Small Bathroom Redesign Tips for Your Metro Boston Digs

July 12th, 2017 |

Small bathrooms can be a real challenge when you consider the number of practical things that need to be close at hand in a room you use to shower, shave, apply makeup in, etc.

If you’re fed up with your small bathroom and looking for ways to make it more functional, we’ve gathered some inspiration to help you out. Here are the top 5 small bathroom redesign tips from design pros who’ve worked miracles in some of the smallest Boston metro bathrooms imaginable …

Expand the Mirror

Even in a tight space with a single vanity, a mirror that stretches across the wall and extends beyond the sink or vanity can enable two people to use the mirror at the same time. It’s a good solution for rushed mornings!

Rethink the Sink

Pedestal sinks now come with a single shelf beneath which is a handy spot to store towels and toilet paper for easy access. If you prefer a vanity, consider a floating model. It not only makes the space appear larger and makes cleaning easier. It also frees up some floor space for a basket or two to slide underneath to store things like soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

Save Space with a Shower Curtain or Sliding Shower Door

Shower doors that open out take up valuable space. Replace them with a sliding version or a shower curtain that opens to the side and doesn’t steal any space in the room itself.

Add Some Recessed Shelving

The space between wall studs can accommodate shelving over the toilet or sink, or near the shower to hold necessities without infringing on square footage in the least.

Consider a Round Vanity

Not only does a round vanity soften the look of a small square or rectangular shaped bathroom, it also eliminates the possibility of bruising a hip on a corner while navigating in a small space — especially if two people are vying for limited room.

A small bathroom calls for a design plan that uses every inch of space wisely so that a cramped space doesn’t “cramp your style”! Looking for help on maximizing your space and minimizing your construction costs in the Boston area?

With over 10 years of experience in contracting, design, and property management in the greater Boston area, RH Blanchard knows what it takes to make a space livable without breaking the bank. If you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, contact us to get it done right at a price that fits your budget!