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Bathroom Remodeling for Small, Medium & Large Spaces

August 22nd, 2019 |

When a prospective tenant is looking for a home, a spacious feeling bathroom could make all the difference in whether they choose your place over another. When it is time to take your rental property from simply adequate to purely amazing, there are a few design principles to keep in mind.Some concepts hold regardless of the square footage:

  • Functionality – How will the room be used? Is it easy to maintain?
  • Accessibility – When planning any remodel, it is wise to keep ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards in mind for both resale value and to increase your pool of prospective renters.
  • Lighting – Having the appropriate lighting can transform a sterile room into a spa-like environment with dimmers and a balance of soft and task lighting.

Small Spaces

While the concepts mentioned above are key for any size bathroom, smaller rooms can prove a little more challenging. Scale is important in any room but it becomes critical in small spaces.

  • Flooring – Consider using smaller penny tiles or small basket-weave marble tiles for the floor.
  • Fixtures – The size and placement of fixtures can also maximize the square footage when every inch matters.
  • Focal Point – Be sure to remember that a well-placed focal point, such as an ornamental mirror or an accent wall in a rich color, can take attention off of the size and add a “wow factor.”

Medium Spaces

Medium-sized bathrooms provide more options along with square footage than small ones.

  • Space – You can choose to maximize space by installing a shower only. Be sure to keep style in mind with a beautiful tile or perhaps a rain shower head.
  • Aesthetics – Add a stand-alone bathtub to give it that spa atmosphere.
  • Paint – Keeping the bathroom a lighter color will reflect the light and make it feel significantly larger.

Large Spaces

It is a safe bet that if your rooms are bigger, they will attract a couple or a family. For shared bathrooms, consider:

  • Double sinks – This is a must-have for multiple users in one space.
  • Separate toilet – Consider separating the sink/shower and toilet spaces to increase usability.

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