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Why Remodeling for Aging in Place is a Great Investment

May 23rd, 2023 |

If you own an investment property, you want to attract renters who plan to stay. With more than 3 out of every 4 seniors preferring to remain in their homes, an aging in place remodel may be just what your property needs. Read the following blog post to learn how modifications and additions help make a home livable for renters of all ages.


The first priority should be the bathroom, where water and slippery surfaces can increase the risk of falls. The bathroom should be easily accessible and safe. To prevent falls, install a textured floor surface and grab bars near the toilet and shower. A higher toilet seat makes it easier to sit and stand up. Since many seniors have a limited range of motion, consider installing a bench in the shower or tub.  

Ensure a bathroom is on the ground floor of a multi-story home. Adding a bathroom is expensive but can be less costly than a stairlift or elevator. 


A busy spot in any home, the kitchen is another high-priority area for an aging in place remodel. Accessibility and safety are the goals. For example, lower countertops allow seniors to work while seated. Under the counters, ample drawer space provides easy access to heavier dishes. In cabinets, sliding shelves keep items within reach. Non-slip flooring or mats near the sink help prevent slips and falls.

Window Treatments 

Window treatments help regulate lighting and temperature in a home. However, trying to reach and operate tangled cords can be frustrating when adjusting blinds or shades. Even worse, it can result in a fall. Consider installing motorized window treatments that allow adjustment by pressing a button. You can even raise or lower all the shades or blinds in a room with multiple windows. 

Doorways and Hallways

Make sure that doorways are wide enough for a walker or wheelchair. Doors should have lever-style handles that can be opened with an elbow.  

Hallways should have bright lighting, with switches at both ends. While at it, make sure staircases have switches at the top and bottom. Install handrails along every hallway to improve safety.  


Hardwood floors are attractive but can also be slippery and tough on aging feet. A soft, low-pile carpet is a better solution than area rugs, which can slide on a wood floor. The carpet will provide a non-slip surface and help keep feet warm and comfy. 

Home Exterior  

Front and back entrances often have steps that can challenge seniors. Ramps make going in and out of a home easier and safer. Replace exterior steps with ramps that can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. A ramp should have a non-skid surface to prevent slips during wet or icy weather. 

Are you planning an aging in place remodel for your Boston-area investment property? At RH Blanchard, we have the general contracting expertise and skills necessary for senior-friendly upgrades and additions. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get a free quote.