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Top Boston Investment Properties: 3 Most Profitable Neighborhoods

January 23rd, 2018 |

Boston is not only one of our nation’s earliest settlements, but it is now a prime real estate investment location and one of the most cultured cities on the East coast. Boston’s many diverse and charming neighborhoods have made a name for themselves as a wonderful place for both families and singles to thrive.

Looking to make an investment in this ever-growing seaside city? Check out the following neighborhoods, currently ranked as the top three Boston neighborhoods for investment properties. 

Jamaica Plain

Median Household income: $80,147

Median Single-family home price: $556,000

Median Multi-unit home price: $714,500

Median One-bedroom rent: $3,000

This southwest Boston neighborhood is known for its sustainable efforts and environmentally-friendly attitude. And for investors looking for property with maximum returns, this is great news. Property value has been steadily climbing in Jamaica Plain as long-time city dwellers tire of concrete and yearn for green streets. While the property value here is already considerable, it is still expected to be one of Boston’s quickest growing neighborhoods.


Median Household income: $61,935

Median Single-family home price: $500,500

Median Multi-unit home price: $600,000

Median One-bedroom rent: $2,100

Nothing says ‘peace and quiet’ quite like a pad in Roslindale. Potential tenants and homeowners dream of the cozy, calm and safe streets found throughout this slice of city retreat. Its reputation for close neighborhood ties and strong local business presence also continue to encourage growth. And the best part? Investors can still find promising property management opportunities with great income potential—at a nominal price.


Median Household income: $49,150

Median Single-family home price: $460,000

Median Multi-unit home price: $590,000

Median One-bedroom rent: $2,600

Culturally diverse and a short trip to most downtown attractions, Dorchester is quickly becoming a hotspot for potential investors. Combine the unique galleries and restaurants with the existing Victorian architecture, and you have an area opportune for investment. A balance of nightlife and eclectic events and attractions draws many to this diverse neighborhood.

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