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Top 10 Interior Trends for Fall 2018

September 25th, 2018 |

Fall redecoration season is slowly falling upon us like autumn leaves themselves. The 2018 fall interior design seasons will be dominated by color optimization, vintage accessories, and furniture that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place at an 80’s business meeting. However, though seemingly focused on the designs of old, the current fall decor trends offer a unique opportunity for self-expression through utilization of classic effects, accessories, and furniture. Below we’ll take a look at the top ten interior trends to expect this fall:


From ancient Rome to Gothic cathedrals, arches have been a staple of various styles of design for ages and have shown a major resurgence in both modern architecture and interior design styles. Arches will continue to play an influential role in decor trends leading into the 2018 fall season with arched mirrors, picture frames, and even floor tiles becoming more and more popular. Arches not only look great when used in conjunction with other style aspects but also give your space the illusion of more room.

Artisan Rugs

Throughout this list you will notice a focus on artistic and creative designs as artisan accessories and effects are all the rage going into the upcoming season. There is no better way to show off your class and culture than an artisan rug from your favorite designer. Not only is this an excellent way to display your taste, but it’s also an amazing space saver while also providing your decor with a more cozy, cohesive vibe.


One of the several color options that have become popular in leading into the upcoming fall season is sparkling gold. Gold carpet, furniture, and accessories give your interior design an aspect of lavish luxuriousness and provide the space with a brighter color pallet than often seen. Gold works well in contrast to more natural furnishings and provides the opportunity to express your unique personal tastes.


It would seem as though everything that has once been is becoming new again in fall 2018. Vintage furniture, styles, accessories, furnishings, and decor options are very much in right now. Vintage styles are an excellent way to provide your interior design with a sophisticated and respectable look for your space. The vintage decor will be everywhere this fall from the curved seating we’ll discuss below, to oversize floral designs reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Curved Seating

Hearkening back to the decadent 80’s, curved seating is making a comeback in interior design this fall. More and more designers are coming out with bouclé couch designs with more rounded curves than we are accustomed to seeing in more modern styles. It’s not only sofas that are getting the retro treatment, however, 70’s looking velvet curved chairs have hit the market from multiple companies in the past year or so and have brought designers back around to the Age of Aquarius.


Mirrors can enhance our design schemes in various ways and can truly showcase the aura of our decor through a multitude of different aspects. Not only do mirrors open up our space and provide a much more roomy look, they can also serve as architectural accents or art pieces themselves. Arched mirrors have become a popular addition in interior design recently and can be used to highlight brick and mortar arches used in architectural design. Mirror art from a variety of design companies has become a popular highlight in decor trends as well.


Another of fall’s emerging popular colors, various shades and hues of pinks will be the unique interior designer’s go-to replacement for the usual earth tones we normally see inhabiting our homes this time of year. Rustic pinks are an easy-on-the-eyes option for providing a warm and comforting feeling to your home or business, while more poppy and bright shades can illicit a perky, happy feeling in visitors. Pinks will also provide the perfect accompaniment to the other color trends listed here such as gold and jet black.

Folk Art

As artisan accessories rise in popularity in decor trends as the fall season approaches, classic folk art is an excellent way to accent your home or business while showcasing your personal preferences and tastes. Folk art can come in a range of prices depending on your design budget and allows your space to become an experience both to you and your visitors. The great variance in subject matter, mood, and color and design in the pieces you choose can be used to accentuate your further decor choices.

Jet Black

Along with pink and gold, jet black has become a notable interior design choice as the fall season approaches. Jet black accessories, furnishings, and centerpieces provide a juxtaposition and calming effect to other brighter color choices such as the two others mentioned here. The color allows for a soothing, cool, versatile option and provides a sensation of peaceful tranquility to your interior design.

Artistic Lighting

Along with the other artisan themes of the season, lighting fixtures are receiving creative flare in fall 2018 interior design. Lamps that double as floor sculptures or statuesque busts are adorning the houses and businesses of the decor savvy everywhere as the leaves begin to fall this season. Paper lantern designs, mushroom-shaped lamps, and clay and terracotta desk lamps are all becoming popular options for showcasing your artistic taste through your lighting choices.

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