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Top 10 Home Improvements That Build Equity

June 1st, 2017 |

Owning a home is an investment that requires attention and care. Needless to say, you’ll want your property to appreciate in value while you enjoy living in it! You can increase the value of your house or apartment over time by making upgrades that increase the livability of the space, but in making upgrades you should also consider the value it is adding to your property.

Here are 10 home improvements that build equity and allow you to enjoy your space even more until the day you decide to sell:


Everyone wants a clean, updated kitchen. Redo the counters, cabinets, and floor to create a polished, modern look. Even a new sink or faucet and lighting fixtures can change the way your kitchen looks and feels.


New appliances look nicer and can be more energy efficient. Replace the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and dryer with more efficient models. These kinds of investments can even pay for themselves over time in energy savings!


Grungy tile and limited space can disappoint a potential buyer when you’re ready to sell the home. Re-grout or replace the tile, add a new sink, update the cabinets, and replace the counter for a full bathroom remodel.

Electrical and Plumbing

Fix any of these basic issues as they arise to increase safety and prevent eventual damage to the home. A well-designed and organized plumbing system and electrical wiring will be one of the first things an inspector will look at when potential buyers consider your property. HGTV says:

“…it’s smart to replace old fixtures and appliances with newer, more efficient models. By getting rid of old fuse boxes, plugs, switches and lighting fixtures, a vast improvement in aesthetics and function can bring big returns.”


Install a hardwood or tile floor, or simply replace the carpet. It will look (and possibly smell) much cleaner, particularly if you have a pet. If you have an older property (usually those built before 1980), there may already be hardwood floors hiding beneath the carpet!


A tidy fence can boost curb appeal, and it’s inviting to those with pets or children. Fixing broken places and repainting the fence you have is a great start if you don’t want to install an entirely new fence.

Solar Power

This is a huge benefit, as it will decrease your energy bill, and installing them isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Investigate available tax credits and other government incentives for installing solar panels on your home.


A good window is more than just a pane of glass. You can install new energy-efficient windows or improve the ones you have by caulking or weather-stripping. This is an extremely attractive upgrade for property buyers and, just as with appliances, updating windows can pay for themselves over time when you consider the savings in your heating bill.


An unfinished basement is practically wasted space. With a little paint, some flooring, and a wall or two, you can turn that unused cave into a den, bedroom, game room, or all three! This will add significantly to the square footage you’re able to advertise your property as having.

Porch or Patio

A well-designed backyard becomes a home in itself. Clean, smooth flooring, shaded areas, and maybe a built-in barbecue create an ideal space for gathering with family and friends.

Located in the Boston area and have questions about home improvements?

In deciding how to properly invest in your property, home updates and remodels should begin with an expert you can trust. While you can contact R.H. Blanchard Contract & Design for all your home improvement needs in Boston, finding a quality contractor or designer in your area will be important. From handyman services to interior design to complete remodels, use word of mouth and customer reviews to find an expert you can trust to help you through the home improvement process in your area.