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Should You Remodel Your Attic Space?

July 12th, 2023 |

If you want to add more room to your home or investment property, remember to look at your attic! An attic space remodel makes use of existing space in your home. Depending on the intended use and condition of the attic, there are a few considerations and tips to keep in mind.

More Space Without Increasing Square Footage

Maybe the kids need a playroom, or you’ve always wanted a craft studio. Whether it’s an office or a guest bedroom, you can build up instead of out by remodeling your attic. 

An attic space remodel is a great way to add living space without the expense of adding square footage. For example, when you remodel an attic, you already have the foundation and an enclosed space. 

Permits and Codes 

The first task is to learn about local building codes and permit requirements. You will likely need a permit if your remodel involves structural changes, electrical wiring, or ventilation. 

Your attic space remodel will have to comply with building code requirements, such as  

  • Floor space
  • Ceiling height
  • Access
  • Emergency exits

For example, you may have to install a full staircase to provide proper access or add a window as an emergency exit. 

Framing and Foundation 

Ensure your home’s framing and foundation can carry the added load of your converted attic. Your best bet is to hire an experienced contractor to inspect your attic. A local contractor can also advise you on code and permit requirements. 

Heating and Cooling

An attic is typically hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than the rest of the house. Cooling this space will put an additional load on your HVAC system. A contractor can tell you if your attic will need additional ductwork and ventilation. 

You may need additional insulation in your attic to keep the space warm in colder months. Foam insulation between floor joists can help regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency. It can even prevent noise transfer from the attic to the rest of the house. 


Most attics do not have windows, so lighting is another consideration. Installing windows, however, can be a challenge in the irregular space of an attic. Skylights are an ideal solution when you have limited wall space. Depending on the structure of your roof, you may have to rely on electrical light fixtures. A general contracting professional can advise you on adding electrical lighting to your attic. 

Unique Spaces and Shapes 

Most attics contain sharp angles and irregular shapes, but don’t let that discourage you. During an attic remodel, you can use these features to create a fun, unique space. 

For example, try converting a tiny nook into a cozy reading corner. Turn a triangular space into built-in bookshelves. Add a short knee wall where the rafters meet the floor if you need vertical wall space. 

Does an attic space remodel sound like a good idea for your home? For over a decade, the general contracting team RH Blanchard has remodeled Boston-area properties. Get in touch today for a free quote.