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Residential Construction Tips: The Value of Outdoor Living Spaces

May 20th, 2019 |

Yards can be lovely, but many are designed in ways which make them less than useful. Especially in older homes, the yard is often a place you look at rather than live in. These days, a home needs more than a yard – it needs an outdoor living space. The popularity of outdoor rooms has increased by 72 percent since 2012. Why should you add outdoor living space to your home?There are two main reasons.

Reason #1 – Entertainment Purposes

The first reason is that having an outdoor space makes entertaining easier and more fun. When the weather is nice, your guests will appreciate being able to step outside. And, of course, space for a grill allows for more cooking. Even better, outdoor rooms don’t need to be heated or air conditioned but, these days, can have anything an indoor room can have.

Reason #2 – Return on Investment

The second reason is that the ROI is excellent. In terms of increased value it can be as high as 80%, although this does require that the space is well designed.

What sort of outdoor space? Here are some ideas:

A fire pit. In a cool climate like Boston, a fire pit is an excellent addition as it allows the space to be used for more of the year. Many people appreciate being able to gather around the fire. Modern fire “features” may have a gas burner, or you can go traditional.

A partially enclosed deck. A deck that is partially roofed allows you to duck under it if there is brief rainfall. Roofs also protect outdoor entertainment centers from the weather. A waterproof “hutch” that contains a television can allow you to use the outdoor space to watch TV without having to move anything. Additionally, you can use collapsible window walls or sliding doors to make the covered part of the deck part of the indoors. Wooden decks in general are a high value addition.

A patio. If your home is more level, a patio can be the best addition. You can design it to match or compliment your home. Concrete stamped patios look like brick or slate for less cost and with more flexibility. Make sure to build a patio that is in proportion to the house. It should look like it was part of the original design.

An outdoor kitchen. A full outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertainment. However, they can be hard to build if not integrated into the original design.

If you are looking for information about residential construction, such as adding an outdoor living space to an investment property, contact R.H. Blanchard today.