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Remodel or Move? When Remodeling is the Wiser Choice

January 16th, 2018 |

As your needs change and your family grows, it may seem like the only option that makes sense is to start looking for a new home that fits your lifestyle better than the one you’re in. Moving might make sense if you’ve never liked your home’s location. But what if the reverse is true? What if you love where your house is, but the layout or size just isn’t working for you anymore? That’s one of the times when remodeling just might be the perfect solution for you and your family!

The Hidden Costs of Moving

Here’s the truth: Moving a houseful of furnishings and “stuff” costs more than most people imagine. Of course, you already know you’ll have to pay a moving company — or find several willing friends with pickup trucks, which is never easy!  And then there’s your new home. Unless it’s brand new and you’ve had considerable input into its design, you’re probably going to want to change something. Then there are the hidden expenses like new window treatments for what could be dozens of windows, or new furniture that fits the layout of the new place better than your old furniture does.

The Benefits of Staying Put

Staying in the neighborhood you love means that your kids won’t have to leave their school and their neighborhood friends. You won’t have to box up everything in your home and make endless trips back and forth between your new place and the old one (or the storage facility you had to rent because the people that bought your home needed an earlier closing date than you did)! Yes, it’s true that remodeling can bring its own upheaval, but spending a few nights with your folks or in a hotel is nothing compared to the chaos and inconvenience of moving!

Remodeling Can Serve You in Two Ways

When you remodel, you not only make living in your own home better for you and your family, you also increase its equity! Case in point: You build up, adding a second story with a great master bedroom suite and bath, plus a guest room for visits from friends and relatives, or even age in place renovations for in-laws, all of which make your home work better for you. But wait, you’ve also increased your home’s square footage, and turned a two-bedroom, one bath home into a four-bedroom two bath home. What do you think happens to its value? Here’s what the National Association of Realtors says happens: Adding a second full bath can increase a home’s value by about 24% and your home’s value goes up by about 3.3% for every 1,000 square feet you add! Include a sitting area in the master bedroom, and you can add another 8%!  Not bad!

Finding a new home in the Greater Boston area is no easy task! Why not consult with a company that specializes in design and remodeling to help you plan the perfect way to make your current home work for you? RH Blanchard provides both integrated design services and remodeling work, backed up by years of experience in the region.

Why not contact us today, and take the first step toward making your home — the home you love — work perfectly for you and your family?