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Post-Construction: What to Expect After a Construction Project

May 13th, 2022 |

The post-construction phase is a crucial stage of a construction project. As an investment property owner, you will have an opportunity to confirm that the contract terms were fulfilled. You’ll also learn about the care and mechanics of the building, obtain relevant paperwork and address any concerns. Read on to find out more about the post-construction process.

Walkthrough and Punch List

Before the contractor wraps up the project and hands you the keys, you will complete a walkthrough of the building. This is your opportunity to examine the building and make sure that the contract terms have been fulfilled. Make a list of items that need attention. The contractor will do another walkthrough with you and make a punch list of items that need to be addressed. 

Final Walkthrough and Paperwork

After the items on the punch list have been addressed, you will do a final walkthrough with the contractor. If the completed project meets your approval, the contractor will give you the keys to the building. You should also receive a binder containing warranties and other relevant paperwork. 

Certificate of Substantial Completion  

You will then hear from the architect, who will ask if any problems need resolving. If you are satisfied with the completion of the project and the fulfillment of the contract, the architect will issue a certificate of substantial completion.  

Certificate of Occupancy

Once the certificate of substantial completion has been issued, it’s time for a local government inspection. If the building passes inspection, the inspector will issue a certificate of occupancy. As a property investor, you will need this post-construction document as proof of the following:

  • Building class, such as single family, multi-family, commercial or mixed use properly.
  • The structure is suitable for occupancy.
  • The structure complies with housing and building standards and codes.

Operations Manuals and Training

After the project is completed, the contractor will give you an operations manual and schematics for the building. This paperwork includes blueprints that the contractor used during the project, as well as information about the mechanics of the building. 

In addition to the operations manual, you should receive any training necessary for the care of equipment n the building. It’s important to have training and written instructions to ensure that you have a clear and consistent understanding of operations..

Post-Construction Follow-Ups

You should also have follow-up visits with the contractor to address any issues that may come up. Problems should be addressed promptly according to the warranties in the paperwork binder you received from your contractor.  

An important part of general contracting work is post-construction follow-ups. Your contractor should communicate with you periodically over the two years following project completion. These check-ins let you ask questions or address concerns and allow the contractor to anticipate future needs. For example, you could discuss remodeling or renovations that may take place at a later date. 

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