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How to Mix Old and New with an Investment Property Renovation

October 4th, 2023 |

You want to modernize your vintage investment property while preserving its retro charm. Mixing old and new interior design elements can breathe new life into older homes. Whether replacing uneven floors or designing a new kitchen layout, you can update your property for 21st-century living. We’ve listed some tips for blending original and brand-new design features.  

Decide What to Keep

When buying an older property, you may have to make difficult decisions about your favorite features. For example, you’ll have to replace heavily damaged old-world flooring, no matter how attractive it is. On the other hand, you’ll want to hold onto those retro windows that are in good condition. Original crown molding can often stay when renovating an old house.  

Keep elements that do not need extensive repairs and do not create a safety hazard. Replace or discard features that will become liabilities, such as rotting flooring. 

Incorporate Original Design Elements 

Once you decide which elements to keep, you can have fun incorporating them into the renovation. Experienced general contracting professionals are skilled at mixing old and new interior design elements. For example, a contractor can replace wooden kitchen cabinets with sleek, contemporary cabinets that complement the original design.

Updated light fixtures can add a modern touch to a traditional room. Let’s say you’d like to retain most of the vintage elements in the living room. A fresh coat of paint or modern track can bring the room into the 21st century without clashing with original features. 

Update Kitchen and Bathrooms

Your old-fashioned kitchen and bathrooms will likely need 21st-century updates. Over the decades, appliances, plumbing, electrical requirements, and lifestyles have changed. For example, you may want to add modern, built-in cabinets for storing appliances to free up kitchen counter space. Perhaps the refrigerator should be closer to the island for easier prepping. You can stay faithful to the original style by keeping key pieces, such as a farmhouse sink or brass knobs.  

It is possible to update a bathroom while keeping its original charm. A retro bathroom often needs modern features, such as an exhaust fan, to help prevent mold. You may have to replace electric outlets to satisfy code requirements. If that quaint, original pedestal sink is beyond repair, replace it with a newer, similar model. Brand-new plumbing fixtures can mimic the old style but improve functionality.  

Add Personality and Character

Remember to get creative with a few unique pieces when mixing old and new interior design elements. Don’t be afraid of adding a quirky element or accent piece. It could be a paint color on a closet door or an art deco mirror frame. A playful element or two will add a contemporary vibe to the original formal design. 

If you plan to renovate your vintage investment property, you can depend on RH Blanchard. With more than a decade of Boston-area general contracting experience, we understand the importance of mixing old and new design ideas. To request a free quote, get in touch today.