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Laundry Room Remodeling: An Unexpected Investment

March 16th, 2023 |

The laundry room has evolved from a forgotten basement corner to a stylish yet functional part of the home. Upgrades can save space and make laundry day more convenient. In this blog post, we list remodel ideas and explain why a laundry room remodel should be on the agenda for your investment property.

Folding Station

A folding station next to the washer or dryer can save space and time. You can move clean laundry from the dryer to the countertop in one easy step. You can include other features to create a multipurpose folding station. A hanging rack or coat hooks, for example, let you hang shirts to prevent wrinkling. Rolling storage bins can fit in the space beneath the countertop. 

Generous Storage Space

Whether it’s cabinets or open shelves, storage space lets you keep laundry essentials within reach. There’s no need to hunt for dryer sheets, stain remover or fabric softener when you can keep the laundry room organized. While you’re at it, make the storage area attractive as well as functional with a fresh coat of brightly colored paint. 

Colorful Tile

A laundry room does not have to look drab. Consider jazzing up the space with some multicolored tile. A brightly patterned tile wall or floor adds cheer to the room, making sorting and folding a little more pleasant. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for the laundry room because it is water-resistant, slip-resistant and easily cleaned with a wet cloth. 

Utility Sink

Not all laundry items are machine washable. A utility sink lets you wash delicate items without leaving the laundry room. Keep hand wash supplies in a convenient space on a shelf or in a bin. The utility sink also makes it easy to clean the laundry room when needed.  

Wood Tones

Wood accents add warmth to any space, so why not make the laundry room more inviting? For example, wood cabinet doors combined with white appliances and a black tile floor can transform the space from utilitarian to downright stylish. Choose from a wide range of hardwoods, such as oak, cherry or maple. Wood is compatible with many styles, from contemporary to rustic farmhouse.  

Convenient Location

It’s not easy to fit laundry into a busy schedule, especially when you must run upstairs to pick up bathroom towels you forgot. Make laundry day easier by placing the laundry room in a location that will save steps. Renters or buyers will appreciate having their washer and dryer near bedrooms or closets. Get creative by building the laundry in an unusual spot, such as the cozy space under the eaves.  

Return on Investment 

The cost for a laundry room remodel depends on the type of work involved. For example, a countertop can cost an average of $300 to $1400, while flooring will run you an average of $280 to $840. The average ROI of 50% to 75%, however, can make the investment worthwhile.  

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