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6 Interior Design Trends for 2022

January 6th, 2022 |

When it comes to interior design trends, 2022 is chock full of bold ideas. This is the year to add fresh colors, textures and design to your investment property interior. Read on to find out what’s new in interior design. 

Windows, Windows and More Windows 

A wall of windows helps banish that cooped-up feeling we’ve all had during the past two years. It’s time to let sunshine and nature into the home with windows and more windows. For example, multiple casement windows over the kitchen sink and range let a family enjoy the outdoors while they cook or grab a snack.  

Light Floors and White Walls 

You’ll want to maximize the light that streams through all those windows. Light-colored floors and white walls will reflect that sunlight back into the room. This color scheme also helps a room look spacious and airy. Light-colored flooring is available in a variety of materials, including 

  • White oak 
  • European white oak 
  • Maple
  • Bamboo
  • Ash
  • Sandstone 
  • Travertine  

Black painted trim or colored, textured furnishings add contrast and warmth to rooms that have light floors and walls.

Patterned Flooring

Here’s an interior design trend that making a comeback in 2022: patterned flooring. You can choose from many geometric patterns for your wood floor. For example, the classic herringbone pattern adds elegant style to hardwood floors. To highlight the flooring, choose neutral colors and natural materials for your furnishings. 

Patterned tile is another flooring option that works well in a bathroom. Consider different patterns and colors for the shower floor and bathroom floor.  

Green Tones 

With the emphasis on neutral and subdued tones, you can still add a subtle pop of color with green. It’s no coincidence that many paint companies chose a green tone as their 2022 color of the year. Cool, green walls complement light wood flooring, while green trim subtly sets off white walls. From olive to evergreen, there’s a shade of green to suit every taste.  

Kitchen Islands 

In 2022, a kitchen island offers a lot more than extra counter space. Depending on its size, an island can be a multifunctional, efficient addition to a kitchen. It’s still a great place to prep vegetables or store pots and pans, but why not add seating and a prep sink? Install a small refrigerator and microwave oven at the end of the island so that people can heat up food without blocking traffic. With its central location, a large kitchen island can conveniently include a dishwasher and pullout trash container.  

Sustainable Materials 

Sustainability continues to be a hot trend in 2022, and interior design is no exception. Responsibly sourced woods, natural fabrics and other sustainably produced materials are available for the home interior. High-performance windows let you conserve energy and save money on heating and cooling bills. Wood, stone and other natural materials help create a serene, calming environment. You may even inspire others to adopt sustainable interior design practices.

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