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Don’t Do It Yourself: Why You Should Hire a Private Contractor

July 11th, 2019 |

From remodeling your bathroom to adding a new edition, home renovation is enticing. But the prospect of the work involved can be daunting. For the average person, home improvement can often seem like an impossible challenge. Yet there are many who take this Herculean task on. These DIY renovations can often end in failed marriages or dangerous not-to-code ‘improvements.’ So what’s the solution? Hire a private contractor. The average person will often shy away from this concept. Yet when it comes to designing and renovating a bathroom, many people aren’t able to finish them. Here are all the reasons why you should hire a private contractor.

Building Safety

One of the biggest reasons to hire a private contractor is safety. Think of all the different codes you would need to be compliant with that you may not know about. A private contractor is always aware of building and electrical codes. Safety is also more than codes. Removing walls and floors may damage the structural stability of your home. A private contractor has experience and training to know what will harm the structure of a home. A private contractor is also aware of work site safety as well and is aware of OSHA regulations as well. This keeps not only you safe, but the private contractors working in your home as well.

Contracting Experience

Many private contractors will have years of experience. They can leverage this experience to help new hires learn. It also means that there’s less they haven’t seen. This means that they can offer a solution to every hardship you encounter. No situation will be too difficult for the contractor with experience. Experience also allows a contractor finish jobs faster. A job getting finished faster allows your life to return to normal faster as well.

Established Connections

A private contractor will have established connections with vendors over time. This means they will get better prices on materials, fittings and appliances. You, as a consumer, will not have proper access to these vendors and may have to pay full price for these things. But since a contractor has professional connections, they will not have to pay full price.

Financial Savings

A good contractor can actually help you save money as well. By utilizing all the previous listed bullet point, these can all work to save you money. Cheaper materials, finishing work faster, and working safely to avoid accidents.

Working with a private contractor such as Blanchard Contract & Design can be beneficial. If your living space, bathroom or kitchen needs remodeling, do not hesitate to contact us. R.H. Blanchard has been searching the Boston area for over 10 years. They offer years of skills and experience to help transform your home.