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5 Ideas to Add Curb Appeal to an Investment Property

November 11th, 2020 |

It’s not always necessary to spend large amounts to improve the look and function of an investment property. Oftentimes, even small improvements can have a big impact when it comes to impressing potential buyers or renters. This article outlines 5 curb appeal ideas ranging from simple and inexpensive, to more substantial improvements that may cost more, but are sure to increase the value of an investment property. 

1. Make a Good First Impression

When looking at an investment property, consider the area where potential buyers or renters are likely to look first. In most cases, the area is the front entrance, a porch, or a front yard. If the front yard landscaping is overgrown, often a simple clean up and trim will go a long way to improving a home’s curb appeal. 

A home’s front entrance or porch can easily be spruced up, often with a simple cleaning, and a few additions such as a new doormat, a safe handrail, a fresh new paint color on the door, or updated door hardware. Replacing the house numbers and/or mailbox if they have a worn, tired look is a good idea as well. 

2. Add Accents

Once the basics are taken care of, it’s time to add a layer of visual interest. If a home has a porch or front entrance, consider adding some potted flowers or plants near the entrance, or add some flower boxes on the windows. Some homes may have shutters that can be painted to complement the newly painted front door. 

3. Install New Lighting

Residents of a home always appreciate lighting fixtures that are functional, provide sufficient illumination, and look well-maintained and attractive. Adding attractive, updated light fixtures to the front entrance is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of a home and only takes minor DIY skills to get the job done.

4. Freshen the Exterior

Sometimes all it takes is some clean up and a small improvement in landscaping to add curb appeal to a home’s exterior. Other properties require more of a financial investment. Some homes may need a new garage door, new stairs leading to the front entrance, driveway repairs, or a new sidewalk in order to function as a safe, well-maintained home.   

5. Big Ticket Essentials

Since a home’s exterior is the first thing people will notice, items such as the roof, the siding, and/or the exterior wall paint must give the impression of being well-maintained. Sometimes all a home needs is a good power washing. Other homes may require an investor to make repairs or replace exterior components of the home altogether.

If you are interested in beginning a project featuring any of these curb appeal ideas for an investment property, please contact us at R.H. Blanchard today.