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7 Things to Look for in a Boston Contractor

August 8th, 2019 |

When you’re looking to hire a Boston contractor for your next project, you want to be sure that whoever you hire is the right person for the job. Whether it’s a new coat of paint on your bathroom walls or an entire overhaul of your master bedroom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while renovating your home. A good contractor will make the process as stress-free as possible.

If you’re looking to hire a contractor in Boston, here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Experience

The more successful projects your contractor has handled, the higher their expertise will be. Be sure to ask your contractor for references from their past work.

2. Communication

Open communication is key to a good relationship between you and your contractor. A good contractor will answer all your questions, return your phone calls in a timely manner, and ask for confirmation about project details often.

3. Contracts

Before starting your project, you should always receive a contract from the contracting company. This document will clarify details about materials, the project itself, work timelines, and the experience of the company.

4. License

It’s important to make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed, meaning that they meet the qualifications mandated by the state.

5. Good Reputation

Research the company online beforehand and read their reviews to make sure that they are in good standing. Be wary of contracting companies with 100% positive review rating, as this could indicate that their reviews are not from actual customers.

6. Insurance

Ask about your contracting company’s insurance policy to make sure that you are protected as a homeowner in the event of an injury on your property.

7. Professional Staff

Ask your potential contractor how long they have worked with their contracting company. A contractor who has stayed with their company for a long time is more likely to be fully committed to their customers.

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