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Starting a Kitchen Reno? Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes

April 4th, 2023 |

A kitchen renovation can be an exciting project. From appliances to cabinetry, there are many details to consider. We’ve listed six common kitchen renovation mistakes to help you avoid them. 

#1 Not Having a Budget or Plan 

It’s tempting to rush through a kitchen renovation’s budget and planning stage. But creating a realistic budget based on what you can comfortably spend is worth the time and effort. Take your time researching appliances, flooring, and other products. Your budget should include 20 percent extra for unexpected expenses. Once you’ve created a budget, make sure you stick to it! 

You should also have an end goal in mind before you start. How do you plan to use your renovated kitchen? Do you like to have dinner parties? Do your kids and their friends gather in the kitchen after school? Your new kitchen should support the way you and your family live. 

#2 Buying Items Without First Consulting Contractor 

One of the biggest kitchen renovation mistakes is a lack of communication with the contractor. Before you buy that eye-catching appliance for your new kitchen, talk it over with your contractor. They often find the same item from a reliable vendor at a better price. Plus, your contractor can schedule a delivery that fits the project timetable. Communication can save money and keep the workflow on track. 

#3 Forgetting to Include Storage

This is one of the most common kitchen renovation mistakes because it’s easy to overlook. Don’t underestimate how much storage you need in your kitchen. Ample storage is necessary if you want appliances, utensils, spices, and other essential items within reach. Even if you have a small kitchen, your contractor can help you creatively use space. For example, an under-counter storage area is ideal for cooking tools.  

#4 Installing Flooring Before Cabinets

Timing is crucial if your kitchen renovation calls for new floors and cabinets. Installing cabinets over that new hardwood floor can prevent the floor from expanding and contracting properly. The result is a buckled floor and expensive repairs. Your best bet is to install new cabinetry before new flooring. 

#5 Neglecting the All-Important Kitchen Triangle

Whether baking bread or browning a roast, the last thing you need is a long distance between the stove, sink, and refrigerator. The so-called “kitchen triangle” keeps these elements within a comfortable distance from each other without crowding. Omitting this arrangement results in extra steps and wasted time. A general contracting professional can ensure the renovation includes the kitchen triangle. 

#6 Choosing Cabinetry Without Considering Clearance  

Appliances and other items usually occupy the countertop below your cabinets. To prevent appliance problems, ensure you include clearance space in your cabinet measurements. You should allow 18 to 20 inches between the bottom of the cabinets and the countertop. Remember that some appliances must be accessed from the top.  

Double-check clearance in other kitchen areas, too. For example, don’t block traffic when you open the oven or dishwasher door. 

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