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6 Creative Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

May 17th, 2023 |

Whether it’s an apartment balcony or an enclosed courtyard, you can make the most of your small outdoor space. Colorful tiles, rustic pavers or a privacy wall are just some of the ways you can transform that tiny porch or patio. Read the following post to discover small outdoor space ideas.

#1 Enclosed or Open Porch

For relaxation, you can’t beat sitting on a porch. A screen-enclosed porch lets you enjoy the cool evening breeze without dealing with mosquitos. An open porch allows friendly conversation with neighbors.  

If your porch measures 8 feet by 10 feet, you have room for a table and chairs. Simple touches, such as colorful pillows or a blanket, can turn your small porch into an inviting space.  

#2 Balcony 

Located outside apartments or on upper floors, balconies usually measure only 2 or 3 feet wide. That leaves virtually no room for furnishings. You can still use creative touches to make the most of this tiny space. For example, add a pop of color with a tile floor or install French doors for an elegant access point.  

#3 Gallery 

Slightly larger than a balcony, a gallery measures 3 to 4 feet wide. Supported by columns, this outdoor space provides room for minimal furnishings. A sleek, modern chair, for example, adds style without crowding. A container plant, such as hydrangea or jasmine, can dress up a gallery with color and fragrance.  

#4 Patio 

An article about small outdoor space ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the patio. Even the tiniest patio can look elegant and stylish with the help of textures, colors, and various materials.  

For example, flagstones create a rustic look, while a pergola provides shade. Consider installing a wooden wall for privacy. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for inviting a few friends for cocktails or just getting away from it all with a good book. 

#5 Rooftop Garden

Does your home have a flat roof? If it does, you can turn that space into an outdoor gathering place for dinner guests or your star-gazing oasis. A rooftop garden can include shrubs, small trees, raised beds, and ground covers. Preserve the open and airy feel by installing clear glass instead of a solid wall. Seating and a table invite outdoor dining or tranquil morning coffee.  

#6 Courtyard 

Depending on the shape of your home, you may be able to create a courtyard. For example, a horseshoe-shaped building provides space for a partially enclosed, roofless courtyard. Some courtyards are completely enclosed in the center of the home, although this style is often found in Europe. 

A courtyard provides the best of both worlds: the fresh air of the outdoors with the privacy and comfort of an interior room. A retractable awning creates a cooler, shaded space. Paver stones retain less heat and help maintain a comfortable temperature. If plants are in the courtyard, install a temporary roof for winter protection.

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