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5 Considerations When Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

September 26th, 2019 |

Remodeling a home can be extremely rewarding once completed, but in order to get to the final finish line, there will be many decisions to make and challenges to navigate along the way. One of the first decisions, and often the most crucial, is choosing the right remodeling contractors. While there are many options in the Boston area, narrowing it down to one that will be able to provide quality oversight, and finish on time and within budget may be a bit hard.

Here are 5 important factors to consider when choosing.

1. Do Your Research

Many investors and homeowners alike end up with a less than desirable contractor simply because they fail to research before hiring. Take time to look at a candidate’s website, peruse their social media accounts, and read some reviews. Do they all seem to be consistent? Do the reviews align with their experience? Do photos of past work satisfy your expectations of quality? An hour or two of online search time can really tell you a lot.

2. Ask Hard Questions

A mistake that can be easily made when hiring a remodeling contractor is not asking the right questions. Many people avoid certain areas of questioning, as they view them as uncomfortable to discuss. However, inquiring how a contractor will handle unexpected problems if they arise, price increases in material costs, and theft or misconduct with their subcontractors is key. If they don’t know how to answer or handle hard questions, they likely won’t be confident handling hard situations that may surface during the project.

3. Check Out References

While it will require a little time and effort on your part, contacting a contractor’s references can often be a way to narrow down your options. Many people ask for references, but then don’t utilize them to their full extent. Make a list of questions to ask each person on the reference sheet and then see how the answers align with your expectations. When asking for references, it is a great idea to request those whose projects were similar in size or scope to your own.

4. Verify Credentials

Most private contractors will have some sort of license as well as designations from professional associations. Ask for copies of any credential documents they list, to ensure they are active and up to date, as well as proof of insurance and bonding. Compare these carefully when deciding between several contractor choices, as not all certifications or licenses are the same to obtain.

5. Review Contracts Carefully

One final way to help you make a decision is to ask each of your top remodel contractor candidates to provide a copy of their contract for review. Take the time to read through each one, and really understand what they say. Some contracts may include clauses that you hadn’t considered or require that you agree to things you are uncomfortable with. If in doubt, ask questions & discuss, but be sure you are willing to abide by the terms before you commit.

While choosing a great remodeling contractor may seem overwhelming and a bit tedious, think of it as an investment into your project. If done correctly, it can pay dividends back to you when a problem arises and your remodeling contractors know how to handle it quickly and without a lot of added cost or stress. Ready to get started with a remodel project in the Boston area? R.H. Blanchard would consider it an honor to be one of the private contractors who you evaluate. Contact us today!