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3 Essential Factors That Make An Awesome Tenant

July 26th, 2018 |

It’s no secret that landlords will end up hosting all kinds of tenants in their days as a property owner. One thing landlords definitely appreciate are awesome tenants who don’t cause them any grief.

Simply put, these tenants are the ones who do exactly as they are supposed to do and live their lives without making the landlord’s job more difficult than it has to be.

The question is: What makes an great tenant? The following are 3 essential factors to look for in your future renters that makes leasing to them a pleasure rather than a pain:

They Pay Up On Time

Landlords have quite an extensive list of bills, from paying workers to doing maintenance on the building, providing quality rentals to tenants is expensive and a lot of hard work. These tenants have a good rental history and a track record of paying on time virtually every time. If they are going to have to pay late they communicate and let the landlord know what is going on.

Tenants that to pay their bills on time are the ones that make the landlord’s life much easier. Whether it’s just paying their monthly expenses rent, HOAs (if not included in the rent), or for a parking space, those who pay on time help the landlord maintain the facilities on a month-to-month basis. It’s also helpful when these tenants communicate promptly and pay their one-time fees, such as the fee for getting a cat or dog, paying the fees in a timely fashion. Paying on time makes it so that the landlord can get work done on the property and facilities when they need it to keep everything maintained for the tenants.

Tenants Who Respect The Rules

Tenants who are respectful of the rules make the landlord’s life a lot easier as well as the lives of their managers. Whether it’s only taking up one/two parking spaces per household or picking up after their dogs in common areas, following the rules makes it easier for everyone in the community to coexist together. While that tenant may not agree with every rule they respect the facilities and people who work there enough to abide by the rules whether they like them all or not. These are the tenants that landlords and tenants don’t have to warn, fine, or even evict for being a nuisance and problem to everyone else living there. These tenants are the ones who also respect their neighbors and their privacy at all times as well.

Tenants Who Respect The Property

Tenants who respect the rental unit they live in and report smaller issues on time so they get fixed before they come big issues are always appreciated by the tenant. These tenants also are the ones that don’t trash their unit, clean up after themselves, and are sure to leave the unit just the same as they received it when their lease is up.

Although there are many more characteristics that could be mentioned, these are 3 key traits of tenants that tend to make landlord’s lives much easier. These are the residents that landlords want to rent their properties so they can spend less time chasing down tenants and more time managing facilities and grounds to keep the community running seamlessly.