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10 Reasons People Are Still Moving to Boston

September 27th, 2017 |

There’s widespread speculation that Boston is in a housing bubble, but inflated property and rent costs don’t seem to be stopping people from relocating here! If you’re wondering just what it is that’s been keeping people moving to Beantown in droves, read on for a few major reasons to move to Boston.

1. Education

Boston is home to world renowned universities, including Harvard and MIT. In total, there are around 35 universities and colleges in Boston. If you have kids or are thinking of continuing higher education yourself, Boston is a good city to do so.

2. Young Population

Because of the students who flock to the city, the population of Boston and neighboring Cambridge tends to be younger than most cities. Making friends is easy once you find people who share the same interests, and the nightlife can be fantastic.

3. History

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America. This makes it a favorite amongst history buffs, especially those who love the American Revolution era. It is home of the Boston Tea Party and the molasses flood, which coincidentally is how Boston it got its nickname, Beantown.

4. Hospitals

Because of all its choices in higher education, there are a number of world-renowned medical professionals at internationally recognized hospitals. Doctors come to do research and work from all over the world, making Boston a hub of development and innovation.

5. Food

Clam chowder on a cold, winter day? Seafood all year round? Boston has you covered in all that and more! The greater Boston area is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, so whatever you fancy, you’ll find a great place to grab a bite.

6. Geography

As if Boston did not have enough to do with its history and nightlife, New Hampshire and Maine are a short drive away in order to be around nature and do some camping. Cape Cod is a favorite summer vacation spot that many local Bostonians frequent for time away from the city.

7. Walkable

If you live an active lifestyle, Boston is your city. There is the freedom trail for nice days. Walking along the Charles River and Boston’s parks will provide beautiful scenery to look at. On your daily commute to and from work, you can easily avoid taking the train in the downtown area because it is so compact.

8. Public Transportation

Boston’s public transportation is small, but it reaches far. There are four train lines, a commuter rail, and many buses that will take you where you need to go for day to day needs or a day trip outside of the city.

9. Sports

Whether you love them or hate them, Boston sports teams have some of the most loyal fan base in the nation. But even if you are on the opposing team’s side, you can still go to the stadiums and watch games at the various bars that dot the area.

10. Theatre and Entertainment

In terms of a cultural outing, there is plenty to do in Boston. From nightclubs and bars to theaters and operas, it’s nearly impossible to get bored in this city.