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Top 5 Appliance Stores in The Boston Area

August 10th, 2017 |

With major purchases like appliances, doing your homework is important. You’ll surely want to research the brands and options available to you but it’s important to see an appliance in person before you buy. This can be a huge help in making a decision!

For those in larger metro areas big box stores are always an option. But if you’re looking to find alternatives and shop local, try these top 5 appliance stores in the Boston area that are sure to impress with personalized service and surprisingly great prices!  (more…)

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Is Boston’s Housing Market in a Bubble?

August 2nd, 2017 |

A housing bubble is a term used to describe a temporary real estate condition which sees the prices of homes rise to above-average norms. We all heard the term a lot in 2007, when the housing bubble which had been building for several years suddenly “burst” and people were left with homes that weren’t worth what they paid for them, leaving them “upside down” — owing more than they could sell their homes for. (more…)

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A Guide to Renovating Your Home

July 19th, 2017 |

Most homeowners will feel the itch at some point: could I make this space even better? Could I transform this dark room into an open, bright area? Could I have the kitchen I’ve always dreamed of? An entire renovation may seem overwhelming to most but before you give up on your dream, here is a simple guide to renovating your home with minimal stress! (more…)

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The Top 5 Small Bathroom Redesign Tips for Your Metro Boston Digs

July 12th, 2017 |

Small bathrooms can be a real challenge when you consider the number of practical things that need to be close at hand in a room you use to shower, shave, apply makeup in, etc.

If you’re fed up with your small bathroom and looking for ways to make it more functional, we’ve gathered some inspiration to help you out. Here are the top 5 small bathroom redesign tips from design pros who’ve worked miracles in some of the smallest Boston metro bathrooms imaginable … (more…)

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What Makes Rental Properties Profitable?

July 6th, 2017 |

Owning a rental property (or two) can generate significant income. In fact, a report from ATTOM Data Solutions puts the average annual gross rental yield on single-family homes in 375 U.S. counties at 9% for 2017. Of course, there’s no guarantee your real estate will turn a profit. But there is one universal quality that will ensure your success in a rental market; desirability to renters, of course! (more…)

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Basement Remodeling in Boston

June 28th, 2017 |

Though Bostonians may butt heads on issues as diverse as the city’s best bar or winningest professional sports franchise, there is one point on which Beantown natives all agree: real estate comes at a premium in this town. Getting the most out of the space you have is a high priority both for businesses and homeowners.

Stretching your real estate dollar in Boston can be a real challenge. One of the best ways to ramp up the value of your property is to ensure you have used its most neglected areas to maximum advantage. (more…)

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Take a Look Inside the 5 Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Boston

June 19th, 2017 |

The decision to purchase a home brings feelings of excitement and anticipation as well as uncertainty and questions. Where should I buy? What are the logistical benefits of one neighborhood versus another? Will I fit in with the other residents? If you are contemplating moving to Boston, relocating from within Boston, or investing in property, check out these 5 up and coming neighborhoods in Boston. (more…)

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